Close Encounters

I had the rare and unforgettable privilege of a close encounter with the ‘raptor kind’ this morning while shooting a story for NBC in Alpine, CA.  This is a stunning Harris’s Hawk at Sky Falconry, where I learned about the basics of a human/animal connection dating back nearly 10,000 years.  If you really behave during […]

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Kiss Me…I’m Organic!

This shirt is my new favorite Farmer’s Market find. The little steps we take to help our bodies and by default, our planet can make an enormously positive impact for the many generations of humans and critters that have yet to arrive.

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Sweet, Beautiful Pups Need Good Homes!


Situation: The family is trying to do right by 4 dogs that were owned by a family member who has become incapacitated. He is a very talented dog rehabilitation trainer that has fallen on hard times and is no longer able to properly care for these dogs. He has cared for and invested years into training all of these dogs.

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Disappearing Act


Dagmar’s forecast is clearly see-thru.

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Pacific San Diego Magazine


Did an article for Pacific San Diego Magazine. Photo: Rob Hammer Waterworks: Kyle Hudson The full issue is here, the article is on page 53, if you want to check it out.

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Squeeze Me!

Crisp green apples, luscious lemons and a generous bag-o-greens…today’s crop of goodness for my morning fresh-squeezed juice. These fruit and veggie delights are a snap to prepare…chop, dice, shred & peel (or leave the rind on) and stuff them into the juicer of your choice. I prefer Green Star as it produces more nutritious juice […]

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Chiropractors For Your Pups!

Buster Midcap is perpetually pleased to join his favorite human on a regularly scheduled outing to visit Dr. Stenzler, his human’s Chiropractor. Years of collisions on both ice and pavement necessitate bi-weekly appointments be set aside to ensure that Dagmar Midcap’s customary framework (not excluding spare parts such as extra ribs and an extra vertabrae) […]

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Best news team anywhere…

…I’m so grateful and humbled to be a part of it. Creative NBC 7 crew members snapped this pic of Mark Mullen, me, Catherine Garcia and Jim Laslavic between evening shows on Halloween night. Yes, I like to wear flip flops and Laz REALLY IS THAT TALL!

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Bitter Sweet Memories

How long has it been? 7 months…4 days…or 21 years? – although I am painfully aware of precisely how much time has passed, most days it feels like a surreal blur of all 3.

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Meet Ellie


Meet my new friend Ellie, one of FOUR rare Hyacinth Macaws I met at Free Flight Exotic Bird Rescue fundraiser last night.

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