Chiropractors For Your Pups!

Buster Midcap is perpetually pleased to join his favorite human on a regularly scheduled outing to visit Dr. Stenzler, his human’s Chiropractor. Years of collisions on both ice and pavement necessitate bi-weekly appointments be set aside to ensure that Dagmar Midcap’s customary framework (not excluding spare parts such as extra ribs and an extra vertabrae) […]

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Best news team anywhere…

…I’m so grateful and humbled to be a part of it. Creative NBC 7 crew members snapped this pic of Mark Mullen, me, Catherine Garcia and Jim Laslavic between evening shows on Halloween night. Yes, I like to wear flip flops and Laz REALLY IS THAT TALL!

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Bitter Sweet Memories

How long has it been? 7 months…4 days…or 21 years? – although I am painfully aware of precisely how much time has passed, most days it feels like a surreal blur of all 3.

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Meet Ellie


Meet my new friend Ellie, one of FOUR rare Hyacinth Macaws I met at Free Flight Exotic Bird Rescue fundraiser last night.

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Dagmar goes Free Flight


One of the first things I did when I moved to San Diego was become a member at Free Flight Exotic Bird Sanctuary. They’re having a fund raiser Saturday, September 22. I’ll be there visiting with all my feathered friends – hope you can join me More info about Free Flight:

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Getting Fresh

Photo1 (11)

Take a look at this mountain of fresh fresh fruits and veggies I amassed at my local Farmer’s Market!!!

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“Talking” to Firetrucks


While pulled over on the side of the road, my three pups were “talking” to the passing firetruck.

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More from the Critter Cam…

Finally, through several weeks of trial and error, the Bushnell Wildlife camera was set up with the proper settings. No more blurry racoons!! Take a look at what wandered across the path of the lens during June and July.

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Buster vs. Ball


My little guy found a toy on our usual route but only 3 seconds into the romp punctured it. Somehow that made playtime even MORE fun – obviously the only thing deflated was the soccer ball! I nearly passed out from the cuteness-overload. (Note to self: Buy neighbors new soccer ball.) Buster vs. Ball from […]

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Capturing the Wild: Second Adventure – Sneak Peek


This past Saturday on June 2nd, Biologist Randy Botta and I returned to the arid San Diego back-country to check on the wildlife camera we had installed 3 weeks earlier. The hope was that we had set up the camera in just the right spot to catch a glimpse of critters passing through the Oak […]

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